Family Law

Many family law cases, such as divorces and adoptions, are more than just the filing of legal documents, they are major life changes. As relationships in your life become redefined, there is so much to think about and the decisions that you make as part of your legal proceedings will have a major impact on […]

Personal Injury Representation

When you are injured, your first priority is to heal. You may call your doctor or visit your chiropractor. You may even need to visit specialists or undergo surgery. Whatever the path, the goal is always the same: heal in order to return to normal heath. Too many times, I have seen people change their […]

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Articles Estate Planning: General Questions Videos Why Use an Estate Planning Attorney?

Real Estate

Why do I need an attorney for my real estate closing? The simple answer is that you are required to have one.  The state of North Carolina mandates that an attorney certify that you are getting clear title when a property is sold or refinanced in order to obtain title insurance, which is required by […]

Criminal Law & Traffic Tickets

Criminal Law The area of criminal law is a complicated and serious area of law. People accused of crimes and victims of crimes have many rights and obligations connected with criminal investigations and trials. Those accused of crimes and victims are often not notified of their rights in a meaningful and timely manner. Without the […]

Civil Litigation

As experienced trial lawyers, the attorneys at Meece Law Firm, P.A. are equipped to handle most litigation needs, both in state and federal court. State Court – Trial Level Meece Law Firm has handled a wide variety of civil matters at the State Court trial level. These include, but are not limited to, cases of […]